IAH 2012 Congress

The IAH Commission on Groundwater and Climate Change and UNESCO-IHP GRAPHIC organised a special session at the 39th IAH Congress in Niagara Falls (16-21 September 2012): Groundwater and climate change: linkages and adaptation. The session featured 25 oral and 6 poster presentations (click to view) from around the world (view presenter biographies). A description of the session is given below.

Groundwater and climate change: linkages and adaptation
The IPCC 3rd and 4th assessment reports concluded that little is known of the relationship between groundwater and climate change. There has since been a substantial rise in publications assessing relationships between groundwater and climate variability and change. As the world’s largest accessible store of freshwater, groundwater plays a critical role in enabling communities around the globe to adapt to projected increases in the variability of rainfall, soil moisture, and surface water resources. This session is divided into two sub-sessions. Sub-session 1 seeks to: (1) discuss and define specific advances in scientific understanding of the relationships between groundwater and climate; and (2) identify critical gaps in that knowledge base. Sub-session 2 seeks to debate and clarify the role of groundwater in adaptation to water scarcity associated with both rapid development, and climate variability and change.

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